Our 4-year-old program is also a play based program with a strong emphasis on kindergarten readiness. We ensure that our 4-year-old children have all of the tools needed for kindergarten while allowing them to socialize and have fun. Children are taught letters and their sounds, numbers, shapes, colors, and following directions as well as lessons on the themes they learn. Being able to recognize his/her name, the names of classmates, finding specific letters in words throughout the room, creating word charts using letter sounds are all part of the activities we will focus on. Children will be continue to expand their understanding of mathematical concepts and numbers every day. Discussing calendar and taking attendance each day allows for counting, recognition, and reasoning, just to name a few.  Children are immersed in literacy and taught pre-reading skills in various ways. There is a strong focus on developing the love of reading through read alouds, and opportunities to explore various genres. Small motor and gross motor activities continue to be provided. A Bible curriculum is taught that teachers implement one time per week. The children say prayers before snack and lunch, and we sing songs about God.

We offer 3 Days T/W/Th or 5 Days (M-F) day programs. You may choose a half day 9:00-11:30AM schedule or a full day 9:00-3:00PM schedule.

Early Drop off is available for our 4 year olds. Please click here for more info

Lunch and learn is also available from 11:30-1:00. To find out more about our lunch and learn program click here.

We also have an afterschool program called Kids Club, which runs from 3-5:30 each day for three and four year olds. For more information on Kids Club click here .



A Typical day in the 4’s


Children arrive and hang up their coats and backpacks. When the children enter the classroom it is free play time. Children can explore at the literacy, writing, science, math, art, sensory table, playdough, dramatic play, or easel center. At each center children are immersed in literacy, math, and science.  During first circle time where they do a morning song and prayer, explore the weather, discuss different parts of the calendar (date, month, and day of the week). Children also recite the pledge of allegiance, and count and compare attendance. Children then have snack served family style. Children then engage in free book time where they explore and apply newly learned reading strategies . After book time, there is a second circle where the lesson of the day is taught. The lesson of the day could be a literacy, math, science, or Bible lesson. After circle time, the children have gross motor play outside on our beautiful playground or inside at either one of our two indoor play spaces. Upon returning to the classroom, half day children are dismissed.


In the afternoon, children have lunch in our cafeteria where the food is provided for the children through the school. After lunch, Outdoor play provides an opportunity for children to play together in the fresh air and explore our playground area.  In addition, an array of special enrichment classes are offered five times a week and include gardening, math, art, sign language, and science. Children do have rest time in the afternoon. Normally, four year olds rest for about a half hour. Children then have a snack and then it’s time for dismissal for full day children.