Our NYS accredited program for 4/5 year olds seeks to develop the interests and abilities of the children, and to tailor relevant curriculum according to the needs of each child.  While individualizing instruction, we follow the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for kindergarten.  It is our goal to foster creativity, to individualize instruction according to needs, and to help each child realize his/her own potential.


These objectives are best achieved through explicit small group and individual instruction.  Children are also provided opportunities to learn through discovery.  In addition, the program is designed to broaden the awareness of self, of others, and the environment, while providing opportunities for the development of readiness skills.


Kindergarten is a key year in a child’s development and provides the foundation for his/her continuing school experience.  In a small group setting we strive to provide meaningful activities which are developmentally appropriate. Core subject areas include reading, writing, math, science and social studies, and are taught through structured and unstructured activities.  


Our program is designed to give each child the very best possible foundation for learning.  The primary goal is to prepare the children physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  




  • Children develop a positive self-image and confidence in his/her given abilities.  


  • Ongoing opportunities and learning experiences help each child meet with success.


  • Socially acceptable ways of handling problems and working in a group setting are emphasized.  




  • Children experience participating in and contributing to group interactions, including show and tell.


  • There is a strong emphasis on good citizenship, respect and responsibility.




  • Games, songs, stories are part of our physical education, helping to develop auditory and visual perception.


  • Active play indoors and outdoors using gross motor coordination are a regular part of the day.


  • Carefully chosen educational materials are used to help develop small muscle coordination.



  • Positive attitudes toward learning are encouraged.


  • Tasks which require and expand each child’s reasoning and thinking skills are incorporated into the day.


  • Activities and lessons are planned to incorporate the content areas (math, science, social studies) as part of the child’s functional world.


  • Reading and writing are taught using a balanced approach. Children have opportunities for involvement with written words in a language-rich environment, which also includes phonics instruction.  


  • Mathematics is taught through a combination of hands on activities and explicit instruction




At Ridgeway each child finds acceptance and is recognized as an individual perfectly crafted by the hand of God.  Our goals are to provide a safe, child-centered environment where the child will learn to grow in their faith and be assured that God loves them and Jesus is their friend and Savior.

Our Bible curriculum is central to our program.  We have developed a curriculum with monthly verses, Bible stories that are linked to our themes, a Christian music component, daily devotions, and daily prayer.




  • Children learn the letters of the alphabet and their associated sounds. Each letter of the alphabet is introduced through a weekly theme.  The activities and lessons of the week revolve around the theme.


  • A love of literature is nurtured and modeled and children learn to respond to stories.


  • Students are introduced to sight words and phonemic awareness through teaching techniques including reading books, writing, and games.

  • Individualized reading and group reading is provided in our literature rich environment.


  • Monthly newsletters are sent out by the teacher discussing what will be covered in class for the month.


  • Bi-annual report cards are distributed and parent-teacher conferences are scheduled


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Our kindergarten program offers a half day or full day option.  The core of the curriculum is taught in the morning, and the afternoon session is an enrichment- based program.


In the morning, the core courses offered are:  letter and word recognition, pre-reading skills, writing skills, math, social studies, science, computers, and physical education.


In the afternoon, there is a reinforcement of skill work, quiet reading time, special classes, and social interaction.  Some of the special classes offered include Library, Zumba, Math, Gardening, Art, Yoga, Music and Movement, and Science.  These offerings may change each year.


The kindergarten also has an early drop off program starting at 7:00 am and a Kid’s Club from 3:00-5:30 pm.